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Healing - Affirmation - Life organising

Southern Schoolmasters is delighted to introduce a new series of programs and clinics aimed at learning the ways of the horse and experiencing synergy and self-discovery.

Western Riding

Throughout our turbulent history, mankind owes much to our connection with the horse,
from the clash of swords and shared bravery,
to the quiet companionship on the open plain.

Whilst tales of heroic adventure have moved into myth and legend, the horse continues to offer something rare and unique to us,
if we take the time to listen – not just from the saddle,
but also from something less tangible, a connectivity, a 'reaching out' from their spirit.

All our H.A.L.O. programs are non-riding,
although we do offer dressage and western training for those of your wishing to pursue these connections, all our training is natural horsemanship minded.
Below are just some of our courses available during 2014.

H.A.L.O. Level One
Introduction to the Equine Mind

2 hour session – individual or with a friend
small groups by arrangement
Covers elementary equine psychology, body language, emotional agility, herd behaviours.
Includes a 'Hands On' session – around 45 minutes

Ideal for those who have never interacted with horses before, or have become nervous around them after a particular event, a great introduction to the ways of the horse in general

H.A.L.O. Level Two
The Equine Mind II

2 hour session – individual or with a friend
small group by arrangement
Covers elements of the above program,
with particular emphasis on communication and emotional agility
Includes a 'Hands On' session – around 1 hour

A natural progression from the first course,
expanding on experience,
also ideal for those who have a little experience around horses, but may know them more from riding than sharing space with them on the ground.

H.A.L.O. Level Three
Communicator Clinic

2 hour session – individual or with a friend
small group by arrangement
Covers elements of both Equine Mind programs,
and explores locomotion systems,
connectivity and touches on training techniques
Includes a 'Hands On' session – time will vary

A more progressive program, covering interacting with individual equine 'personalities' and communicating
creating an open dialogue through understanding
our ourselves and the ways of the horse.

This clinic is for those familiar with the nature of horses and who wish to discover more about connectivity and communication, either for riding or training.

We can also arrange a 'Private' Clinic, should you wish to pursue a particular avenue or simply wish your experience to be your own. Call or email us to chat, we are more than happy to deign a course just for you – whether integrating riding (dressage or western), or from the ground or both – your equine journey is yours to design.

Healing - Affirmation - Life organising

Come join us and experience for yourself the way of the horse through
H.A.L.O. Riding Clinics

Western Horse Riding Introduction Day

We also provide experience days for larger parties

Schoolmasters Dressage Training

We offer a selection of schoolmaster horses available for
training at varying levels up to advanced medium
The aim of our Dressage training is to teach riders to fully understand how their position and aids affect advanced riding work.
The rider will learn the true meaning of balance, contact, submission and self carriage.

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