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Southern Schoolmasters Western

About Us

Located in the Wild West of Surrey, we are the South's premier Western horse riding club.

Everyone at Southern Schoolmasters always aims to please with high standards and a professional service within a relaxed, fun, friendly atmosphere.

Our club will provide regular, bespoke Horsemanship Clinics with 1st class instruction from the UK's best demonstrators.

Our Guest Instructors


Andrew Plant

Rookie Pro Reserve European Champion, with 11 years professional experience, Andrew provides excellent tuition and knowledge for his clients, especially problem solving and helping clients overcome their issues, giving them confidence to achieve their goals.

Andrew believes in kind methods of starting young stock and training older horses in both Western & English style and he will train you and your horse to suit your own individual requirements, in disciplines pleasure / ranch riding / reining or just leisure riding.

Andrew's holds a clinic one a month at Southern Schoolmasters.

Southern Schoolmasters David Lloyd

David Lloyd

David Lloyd is one of UK's leading Western Riders, Western Judge and Instructor.

Learn how the horse moves under weight transference, away from leg pressure and be supple through its head, neck, shoulder, rid cage and hip.


David will teach you the natural way to communicate with your horse in a calm and gentle way that your horse will understand.

Meet the Team

Southern Schoolmasters Tina Aston

Tina Aston

Tina trains with Andrew Plant, - one of the UK's top Professional Reiners, she has also trained with David Lloyd member of the Western Equestrian Society, Michael Langford and Christy Leach (American Quarter Horse Association). 

Since meeting David Lloyd, he helped Tina make the transition from "English" and Tina now rides both Western and Dressage style of riding. Tina is an accomplished horsewoman.

Tina created Southern Schoolmasters over 10 years ago and continues to grow the business, which includes concentrating on our clinics which have proven very popular. Our clinics offer a chance to both; learn and hangout with other Western riders during an all day session of confidence building for horse and rider.

Southern Schoolmasters Kirsty Hewitt

Kirsty Hewitt

Kirsty has been riding since the age of 10 and working with horses since she was 14.

Kirsty studied at Merrist Wood College and graduated after 3 years with a first and national diploma.


Kirsty started working for Southern Schoolmasters in October 2011 and since working at Southern Schoolmasters, she manages the running of the yard and care of horses.

Kirsty is a level 2 WES instructor and she continues to develop her skills training with one of the UK’s reining champion, Andrew Plant and UK's leading western judge David Lloyd.