Western Riding & Trails

A Wonderful Introduction to Natural Horsemanship!

All riders are welcome, from complete beginners to experienced. 

Available as Private or Semi-private trail rides and lessons.

We have a selection of the Argentine Criollo & American Quarter horses. Both breeds are compact and durable and they have great stamina. They are used for herding horses & cattle, riding rodeos, playing polo and performing at shows. The Criollo is the gaucho's (Argentine cowboy) best friend. They are very trustworthy under saddle and are ridden with one hand, which makes it very easy to turn on a six pence.

The American Quarter Horse is an American breed of horse that excels at sprinting short distances. Its name is derived from its ability to outrun other horse breeds in races of a quarter mile or less; some have been clocked at speeds up to 55 mph (88.5 km/h). Quarter horses make great beginner horses because of their even temperament adaptability, dexterity, and reliability.

Choose Your Trail

Please be aware all Western trail rides are weather permitting and must be paid for upfront in cash, cheque or by direct payment on arrival. 



The Dude Trail - 1 hr Walk & Jog Trail Ride

Mosey around enjoying the spectacular scenery at any time of year.
Suitable for beginners, novice or nervous riders.


The Wilderness Trail - 1½ hrs Walk & Jog Trail Ride

Explore the Surrey Hills on this trail for that little bit longer!
Great for riders wishing to improve their confidence, & stamina

The Creek Trail – 2 hrs Walk, Jog & Lope Trail Ride

Explore a variety of terrain at a faster pace, through Woodlands, crossing Meadows, and Creeks whilst taking in the incredible views of the Surrey Hills & Woodland trails. 

For more advanced riders.


The Bandit Trail – 3 hrs- Walk, Jog, Lope, Gallop Trail Ride

Exhilarating trail ride, gallop across the picturesque Prairie with the wind in your hair on your trusty steed.

Trail ride for the intermediate, advance rider

The Saloon Bar Trail – 4 hrs

(Due to Covid restrictions there maybe social distancing issues with table bookings for sit down meals at this time)


After leaving the Ranch you will enjoy a 2hr ride to the Merry Harriers in Hambledon. The ride will be tailored to your Posse’s ability through the spectacular scenery of the Surrey Hills navigating the many bridle ways. Arriving at the pub your Posse can enjoy an hour’s free time while the Ranglers water the horses. Once refreshed, you will remount your steed and amble back to the ranch on 1 hours trail.

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Western Lessons

Anyone can learn to ride Western Style.


We offer riding lessons for all abilities, from the complete beginner to the more experienced rider either on our specially trained western horses or bring your own horse. We offer instruction to adults and young people over the age of 13 years. It doesn’t matter if you have never ridden a horse before, our gentle horses will give you confidence and improve your body balance.


Western riding is a relaxed way of going in order to make hours in the saddle as comfortable as possible for both the horse and the rider. The horse is not ridden 'on the bit' with a tight rein, but is encouraged to carry itself in balance and is guided by small rein, leg and body movements.   

Email us, call us or contact us via the link below to book.

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Western Experience Days

Let us introduce you to the Western style of horse riding.


Come & Join us for an experience day to remember. Treat yourself, a friend or family member to a full or half-day of Western Riding. We also provide experience days for larger parties. It's a Great idea for a Stag or Hen party!

Full Day Experience for £150.00

3-4 hours in the saddle spilt between morning & afternoon sessions. Coffee or Tea on arrival, followed by a safety talk and Western tack familiarisation & Sandwich lunch is provided Coffee & biscuits completion of day.

Half Day Experience for £95.00:

Morning or afternoon 1/2 day session. Includes 2 hours Western Riding training session in the Arena or 1 hour in the arena and 1 hour trail depending on ability.

Email us, call us or contact us via the link below to book.

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Dressage Training

We are able to offer medium level Dressage Schoolmasters horses for rider training. Horses Suitable for BHS stage 3 riders and above plus competition training. 


Training will be tailored to meet your needs by Our experienced, qualified Dressage trainers. The aim is for riders to fully understand how their position and aids affect advanced work. You will learn the true meaning of balance, contact, submission and self carriage.

These horses are 7 years old upwards, well bred, and powerful, suitable for novice and advanced riders. They are chosen for their temperament & ability, but please remember that they are fit and capable of competing.

They are available for mostly advanced dressage training, bridging that gap  between Preliminary, Novice & Advanced levels.

Check Our Events Calendar for Dressage Riding Clinics. Horses will be available to hire for these events.

Dressage Experience Days

  • Morning Session, Arrive to coffee & biscuits

  • Learn to tack & bandage a dressage horse

  • Flat Training

  • Improve your Dressage Test

  • Light Lunch

  • Afternoon Session

  • Learn how to ride a test, Improve your paces

Dressage horses are also available for riders to bring along their own trainers.





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Corporate Events

Southern Schoolmasters has a solution for all your Corporate event & hospitality needs.

Discover your Inner Cowboy or Cowgirl on this great day out Western riding in the beautiful heath land of Surrey. All Riders are Welcome, from Novice to Experienced.

Client Hospitality, Networking, Relationship Building events, Staff Incentives,Team building & Social Events

See Our Half & Full-day Experience Day programmes for examples.

Theory - Learn the Western way, Catch, Groom & Tack Up your Horse. You'll start off with coffee, biscuits and a briefing from your Ranch Hand. We then head up to the field to meet & Catch your Horse, before learning how to Groom and Tack him up - Western style. Moving on to a Western riding lesson in the arena - It's easier to learn as it feels more Secure than Riding English-style, so it's great, even for beginners! Don't forget those cowboys have to spend all day in the saddle, so they made damn sure it was comfortable! Take a break for Lunch, then head off on the Western Trail. You'll Finish up Back at the Ranch, to Untack, Rub down and Feed your horse, Turn him out to Pasture before you settle down to a well-earned Coffee.

Email us, call us or contact us via the link below to book.

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Cowboy for a Day

Ever wanted to ride the range with a four legged friend?

Then mosey on down and join us on one of our Western trail rides.

Our trail guide 'Cowboy' Jim will introduce you to your horse before you hit the trail together to explore some of our beautiful Surrey countryside on horseback.

Jim's extensive experience of riding and working with horses has included film and TV work as well as live action shows and he loves to share his passion for horses with others.

Jim has also worked with what he affectionately refers to "horses with people problems", using National Horsemanship techniques or what is often referred to as 'Horse Whispering'.

Whatever your skill level, Jim will adapt the trail ride to suit when you join us on our trails through the glorious Surrey Hills countryside at your own pace for a relaxed, stress free and fun filled 'Happy Trails' western trail ride.


Email us, call us or contact us via the link below to book.

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Healing. Affirmation. Life Organising

Southern Schoolmasters is delighted to introduce a new series of programs and clinics aimed at learning the ways of the horse and experiencing synergy and self-discovery.


Throughout our turbulent history, mankind owes much to our connection with the horse, from the clash of swords and shared bravery, to the quiet companionship on the open plain.


Whilst tales of heroic adventure have moved into myth and legend, the horse continues to offer something rare and unique to us, if we take the time to listen – not just from the saddle, but also from something less tangible, a connectivity, a 'reaching out' from their spirit.

All our H.A.L.O. programs are non-riding, although we do offer Dressage and Western training for those of your wishing to pursue these connections. All our training is natural horsemanship minded.

Below are just some of our courses available.

H.A.L.O Level One - Introduction to the Equine Mind

2 hour session – Individual or with a friend. Small groups by arrangement.

Covers elementary equine psychology, body language, emotional agility, herd behaviours. Includes a 'Hands On' session – around 45 minutes

Ideal for those who have never interacted with horses before, or have become nervous around them after a particular event, a great introduction to the ways of the horse in general.

H.A.L.O Level Two - The Equine Mind II

2 hour session – Individual or with a friend. Small groups by arrangement.

Covers elements of the above program, with particular emphasis on communication and emotional agility. Includes a 'Hands On' session – around 1 hour.


A natural progression from the first course, expanding on experience, also ideal for those who have a little experience around horses, but may know them more from riding than sharing space with them on the ground.

H.A.L.O Level Three - Communication Clinic

2 hour session – Individual or with a friend. Small groups by arrangement.

Covers elements of both Equine Mind programs, and explores locomotion systems, connectivity and touches on training techniques. Includes a 'Hands On' session – time will vary.

A more progressive program, covering interacting with individual equine 'personalities' and communicating creating an open dialogue through understanding ourselves and the ways of the horse.


This clinic is for those familiar with the nature of horses and who wish to discover more about connectivity and communication, either for riding or training.

We can also arrange a 'Private' Clinic, should you wish to pursue a particular avenue or simply wish your experience to be your own. Call or email us to chat, we are more than happy to deign a course just for you – whether integrating riding (dressage or western), or from the ground or both – your equine journey is yours to design.


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Gift Vouchers


Why not treat someone special to a Southern Schoolmasters Experience Day or a gift voucher, so that they can enjoy one of our experiences? Our gift vouchers start at just £45. Click the badge below to contact us for more information.