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Lovin' Your work - Kim from Eagle Radio 96.4FM comes to Southern Schoolmasters.

We helped Kim overcome her fear of horses!

Wow! What a fantastic day! 'Monty Roberts' at Southern Schoolmasters.

Monty stopped by to see Hollywood Gladiator, the latest Willing Partners horse imported to the UK

Our Horsemanship Clinics

We will show you how to communicate with horses & build a relationship based on an understanding of a horses' natural behaviour with their own kind. Once we understanding a horses' needs, We have a place to start work from.

Horses need to feel safe; they need to know that there is a herd leader. The horse may start being pushy and taking little notice of you, but this is only because he is not confident that you will keep him safe.

Remember - body language can begin the process of a partnership
based on trust and understanding. Like humans, horses can choose to fight or take flight

We actively work to encourage greater understanding between horse & rider 
We can help with starting a young horse, problem solving, ridden work from beginner to instructor level.

For booking and more information, please call, email or contact us via the link below.


Tel: 07876 350257



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